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2.Custom Type-B—-コアに赤松を使用し、よりハイスピードに対応できる粘り強さと低反発が特徴的。リミテッドモデルと大きく変わることのないコアディメンションですが、フィーリングは大きく変わります。

3.Custom Type-C—-桐と檜のミックスコアを使用しタフなライダー向きのボード

The directional twin shape can be considered the most optimal outline for riders to control their turns. Its notable feature is the wider pressure points towards the end of the turn, allowing for more substantial and graceful turns. It's known for being able to draw the cleanest R-shaped turns.

The MRF Short Camber design incorporates camber underfoot, gradually rising towards the nose and tail rocker around the stance position. This configuration ensures that even with a shorter nose, the board consistently maintains lift and speed. It also excels in capturing snow across a wide surface, making it suitable for rough powder conditions without nose diving.

The M-3 model is the most controllable length, ideal for all terrains in wooded areas, open slopes, and steep mountains.

  1. Limited Model - Tuned for the most user-friendly flex, using a mix of paulownia and cedar in the core.

  2. Custom Type-B - Features red pine in the core, known for its resilience and low rebound, making it suitable for high-speed riding. While the core dimensions remain similar to the Limited Model, the feel is significantly different.

  3. Custom Type-C - Utilizes a mix of paulownia and cedar in the core, making it a tough board suitable for experienced riders.

Length :1570

Contact length:1170

Effective edge: 1200

Nose width:289 (wing nose)

Center width:248

Tail width:289 (bat wing tail)

Radius 8.2 combo

Stance location:-20

Rocker :MRF Short camber

Core: Type-A Kiri×Hinoki mix. Type-B Akamatsu Type-C Kiri×Hinoki mix





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