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M.T.H.C Mountain clean up

2023,Sep.30 M.T.H.C主催で谷川岳天神平スキー場でMountain clean upが行われました。 この山を愛するコアなスキーヤー、スノーボーダーが集まり、清掃活動が行われました。 大切な時間を使い、大切な山に少しでも貢献する、意義深い場だったと思います。 

On September 30, 2023, a Mountain Clean-Up event was organized by M.T.H.C at the Tenjin-daira Ski Resort on Mount Tanigawa. Dedicated skiers and snowboarders who have a deep love for this mountain gathered together to participate in cleaning activities. It was a meaningful occasion where participants devoted their valuable time to contribute, even in a small way, to the preservation of this cherished mountain.



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